Allow your customers to create their own unique product or room configurations, online with no fuss.


Play before you pay.
Augmented Reality gives your customers the chance to see your products in their own home before purchasing


Create unique environment s online and instantly share with users of VR headset, or even Google cardboard.
For e-commerce and e-learning.


Integrate configurators and AR into your existing webshop, or let us create one from scratch.

About us

Established 1999 

Since 1999 we have created all kinds of solutions for our customers with the common elements being 3D and e-commerce.

For the last 10 years we have been focused on creating our own platform, Unicaster to make online experiences faster to develop, and more affordable for our clients.

A few things we’re great at

Through years of experience and 100’s of projects we have, over time, developed a platform and workflow to create a wide range of solutions from a common codebase and 3d model repository.


Do you have a complex product with lots of options you wish to sell over the internet? 
Or perhaps a sofa or table available in many colours?


Our room planners are used for designing any space from a child’s bedroom, an office, Exhibitions stand or shop.
Particularly useful in a collaborative process as plans can be shared and edited.


“Try before you buy” is not an offer you see much on the internet. iPhone/iPad and a number of Android devices now have an AR function built in. We leverage this to allow customers to see products in their own living room.

webshop integration

Imagine you have created your ultimate room, or configured the perfect product. With a single click this becomes an order in your webshop, regardless of the platform you have chosen. 

contact information

write us,
or call Peter on
(+45) 91 94 77 22